Sculpture & Statuary

  • Toad House - Sandstone with Pecan finish

    The Brookfield Co.

    Toad House

    A toad house like no other. Crafted from reinforced concrete and carries a one-year warranty.  Measures 1…

  • Ishi-Doro Pagoda sculpture

    Henri Studio

    Ishi-Doro Pagoda

    Our Ishi Doro Pagoda is crafted from cast stone by Henri Studio and offered in many different Henri finishes; …

    $394.00 - $433.00
  • Windy Kerrigan

    Henri Studio

    Windy Kerrigan

    Windy Kerrigan is an adorable cast stone statue of a young girl holding her hat and dress in the wind. Crafted…

  • Steel Leaf Ball with Zinc Finish

    A Place in the Garden

    Leaf Ball

    The Leaf Balls are made of hundreds of individually cut leaves, layered and hand-welded onto a spherical frame…

    $505.00 - $2,285.00
  • Meditating Turtle shown in classic

    Michael Gentilucci

    Meditating Turtle - Medium

    Our medium Meditating Turtle comes with the Chinese Character Longevity etched into the back.The product …

  • Meditating Frog shown in old stone

    Michael Gentilucci

    Meditating Frog - Medium

    Our medium Meditating Frog comes with the Chinese Character Imagination etched into the back.The product …

  • Meditating Cat

    Michael Gentilucci

    Meditating Cat - Large

    The Meditating Cat is part of Michael's Zen Collection.  Each piece ships with a product tag that reads a…

  • Buddy the Dog - Trivia Greystone

    Henri Studio

    Buddy the Dog - Trivia Greystone

    "Buddy" the Dog by Henri is a playful statue crafted of cast stone (concrete) and offered in your choice of fi…

  • Standing Kitten Statue shown in sandstone pecan

    The Brookfield Co.

    Standing Kitten

    This kitten is ready to play and begging for your attention. We’re sure he’ll garner lots of atten…

  • Frog Statue shown in natural moss

    The Brookfield Co.

    Frank the Frog

    Frank is a true frog among frogs--a solid citizen of The Pond, always there with a helping flipper or a though…

  • Cuddle Bunnies statue in sandstone gray

    The Brookfield Co.

    Cuddle Bunnies

    Whether you see these bunnies as parent and child, siblings, or a devoted couple, there is no doubting the str…

  • Willie the dog statue in sandstone gray

    The Brookfield Co.

    Willie Dog

    This sweet pup is everyone’s best friend. With his gentle expression, floppy ears and big paws, you won&…

  • Moon Plaque shown in natural pecan

    The Brookfield Co.

    Moon Plaque

    A whimsical crescent moon ponders nearby stars in a wavy sky. The moon is a mythological symbol of the empower…

  • Sun Plaque shown in  natural pecan

    The Brookfield Co.

    Sun Plaque

    The sun face symbol dates to the 15th-16th centuries, becoming popular during the Renaissance. It represents s…

    $59.00 - $72.00
  • Furry Squirrel Statue shown in natural gray

    The Brookfield Co.

    Furry Squirrel

    Just look at that innocent expression!  He appears genuinely surprised that you think he would eat your b…