Dry Cast Stone

Beautiful Dry Cast Stone Pedestals offered in various designs and five color finishes.

  • Cast Stone Plinth 24x24x14 - Limestone color

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Cast Stone Plinth

    Cast stone plinth offered in seven configurations and five color choices.  Some customizations can be mad…

    $290.00 - $450.00
  • French Cast Sandstone Pedestal in Limestone

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    French Pedestal

    The French Pedestal is a cast stone pedestal standing 33" high with a 21" square footprint. 3-piece construct…

  • Raleigh Pedestal - cast stone

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Raleigh Pedestal

    The Raleigh Pedestal is crafted from cast sandstone.  Center hole may be specified.  SKU Descript…

  • Winthrop Cast Stone Pedestal

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Winthrop Pedestal

    The Winthrop Pedestal is crafted from cast sandstone.  Center hole may be specified.SKUDescriptionTopBott…

  • Regency Pedestal crafted from cast stone offered in five finishes

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Regency Pedestal

    The Regency Pedestal stands 8" tall and has a 20" square footprint.  Crafted from cast sandstone.SKUDescr…

  • Queen Anne Pedestal

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Queen Anne Pedestal

    The Queen Anne Pedestal stands 22" tall with a 21" square footprint.  3-piece construction.SKUDescription…

  • Oxford Pedestal

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Oxford Pedestal

    The Oxford Pedestal is a classic style cast stone pedestal standing 46" tall with a 19" square footprint. …

  • Eton Pedestal - simple and versatile

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Eton Pedestal

    Eton Pedestal is a cast stone pedestal standing 24" high with a 12" footprint. SKU Description Top Bottom H…

  • Avon pedestal crafted from cast stone - footprint 26x26 - height 36"

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Avon Pedestal

    The Avon Pedestal is a cast stone pedestal with a classic inset design that stands 36" high and has a 26" squa…

  • Arthur cast stone pedestal measuring 19"x19"x55"

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Arthur Pedestal

    Cast stone Arthur Pedestal stands 55" tall and has a footprint of 21" square.   3-piece construction.&nbs…

  • Art Nouveau Pedestal crafted in cast stone

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Art Nouveau Pedestal

    The Art Nouveau Pedestal pairs perfectly with our Art Nouveau Planter but also makes a very unique pedestal al…

  • Deco Base Pedestal measures 12x12x8.25

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Deco Base Pedestal

    The Deco Base is a short pedestal only 8.25" high with a 13.5" footprint. SKUDescriptionTopBottomHeight Weight…

  • Tall Deco Pedestal has a simple design and measures 12x12 at top and stands 42" tall

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Deco Pedestal

    The Deco Pedestal is tall slender cast stone pedestal standing 42" tall.  2-piece construction.SKUDescrip…