Greenpiece Wire Art

Elephant Topiary

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Elephant Topiary offered both filled with pre-dyed sphagnum moss or frame only.  Heavy-gauge wire frame powder coated black.

  • Measures 19" H x 27" L x 9" W 
  • Measures 32" H x 48" L x 17" W
  • Measures 48" H x 68" L x 25" W
  • Measures 60" H x 89" L x 29" W

Benefits of topiary by Green Piece Wire Art

    Sectional Construction - each topiary is designed in sections which allows for easier planting, maintenance and reduced shipping costs
    Moss Green - all items are treated using their closely guarded mixture that includes a rich green tint (so you can use the form as is) and a moisture retention additive
    Character Eyes - standard on all animal forms are realistic eyes to bring our topiary alive
    Top Quality Finish - all items are finished in a classic matte black double epoxy powder coating. One of the best ways to inhibit rusting.