Classic Garden Elements

Classic Garden Elements

Classic Garden Elements, a Germany based company, manufactures the finest garden structures available to date. Clear form and elegance combine with a high degree of craftsmanship in an excellence of quality epitomized by their trademark, the classic pinecone finial, which echoes nature's beauty and harmony.


Apart from the aesthetics, Classic Garden Elements attaches great importance to practical gardening use. In this field they have vast experience garnered from their long-term cooperation with the most important European rose nurseries and the valuable suggestions received from their customers.


All of CGE's structures are hand made of steel, welded as complete as possible to avoid any assembly pains and subsequently hot dip galvanized and powder coated to withstand the true tests of time. The Pinecone Finial is cast in aluminum and powder coated at the same high temperature as the galvanized steel. They are ideally suited for that very special private garden as well as for public parks, rosaries and other commercial applications.

  • Bagatelle Garden Arch

    Classic Garden Elements

    Bagatelle Garden Arch

    The Bagatelle is a round garden arch aptly named Bagatelle in memory of that most beautiful of all French Rosa…

    $1,564.00 - $5,408.00
  • Kiftsgate Victorian Garden Arch

    Classic Garden Elements

    Kiftsgate Garden Arch

    Covered with climbing roses the Kiftsgate Victorian Garden Arch will create a romantic vision in your front ga…

    $1,796.00 - $5,804.00
  • Charleston Rose Pillar

    Classic Garden Elements

    Charleston Rose Pillar

    The diagonal steel bands of the Charleston rose column slowly steer the main shoots in a upward direction only…

    $2,079.00 - $2,589.00
  • Caisse de Versailles Planters shown in Pale Green

    Classic Garden Elements

    Caisse de Versailles Planters

    The Caisse de Versailles planters are a precise reproduction of the authentic wooden Caisse de Versailles plan…

    $6,175.00 - $27,586.00
  • Small Paravent Fencing Panels

    Classic Garden Elements

    Small Paravent Fencing Panel

    Combine the Small Paravent Fencing Panel (R20) with poles (R22) and the Large Paravent Fencing Panel (R21) to …

  • Paravent large and small fencing panels

    Classic Garden Elements

    Large Paravent Fencing Panel

    Combine the Large Paravent Fencing Panel (R21) with poles (R22) and the Small Paravent Fencing Panel (R20) to …

  • sale
    Brighton Garden Arch

    Classic Garden Elements

    Brighton Garden Arch

    The Brighton Garden Arch is a Victorian style rose arch crafted from steel that is hot-dip galvanized and subs…

    $3,450.00 - $5,697.00
  • Portofino Garden Arch

    Classic Garden Elements

    Portofino Garden Arch

    The Portofino Garden Arch with its Roman styling offers simple features creating an elegant yet discreet entra…

    $4,640.00 - $5,697.00
  • Bauhaus Fencing Panels by pool

    Classic Garden Elements

    Bauhaus Fencing Panels

    The Bauhaus Fencing Panels are offered in 2 widths and offer a modern modular trellis system suitable for both…

    $1,192.00 - $1,994.00
  • Orangery Fence Trellis

    Classic Garden Elements

    Orangery Fence Trellis

    The beautiful Orangery Fence Trellis offers an elegant solution to your screening needs.  Creates a stunn…