• Round Saucer for Concrete Planter

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Round Saucer for Concrete Planter

    The round saucers offered here are crafted from a concrete and resin mix strong enough to hold heavy concrete …

    $46.00 - $238.00
  • Paneled Chelsea Box Planter Creme

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Paneled Chelsea Box Planter

    The Chelsea Box with Panels is a large square cast stone planter offered in two sizes.  A matching saucer…

    $1,207.00 - $1,555.00
  • Orchard Bowl Limestone

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Orchard Bowl Planter

    This art deco style Orchard Bowl design works well in residential settings as well as commercial settings.&nbs…

    $143.00 - $2,278.00
  • Essex Bowl Feet

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Feet for Essex Bowl

    Unique Feet crafted specially for our Essex Bowl will raise your planter and offer a sturdy base as well.Essex…

    $135.00 - $192.00
  • Essex Round Bowl Planter in Creme color

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Essex Bowl

    The Essex Bowl is a modern style low round planter.  This contemporary cast stone planter is popular with…

    $263.00 - $831.00
  • Dorset Bowl Planter Terracotta

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Dorset Bowl Planter

    The cast stone Dorset Bowl is an extremely versatile planter offered in many diameters.  The simple desig…

    $24.00 - $2,411.00
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Dana Vase Planter

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Dana House Vase by Frank Lloyd Wright

    Frank Lloyd Wright cast stone reproduction of the Susan Lawrence Dana House vase in Springfield, Illinois, des…

    $435.00 - $1,763.00
  • Chelsea Trough Cast Sandstone Planter in Tan

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Chelsea Trough Planter

    The Chelsea Trough is a rectangular cast stone planter with a thick rolled top lip.  Complements the Chel…

    $298.00 - $733.00
  • Chelsea Box Cast Sandstone Planter

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Chelsea Box Planter

    Our cast stone Chelsea Box planter is a cast stone square planter.Sizes:  18", 24", 28", 36" and 48"Item …

    $252.00 - $2,927.00
  • Cast Sandstone Garden Spheres - shown in Creme and Pewter

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Cast Sandstone Sphere

    Garden spheres hand-cast using a dry mix technique resulting in the look and feel of sandstone not achievable …

    $123.00 - $1,018.00
  • Cambridge Trough planter in Pewter

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Cambridge Trough Planter

    The Cambridge Trough is a rectangular cast stone planter. Offered lengths 36", 48" and 60" lengths  …

    $596.00 - $997.00
  • Bristol Planters Creme

    Nichols Bros. Stoneworks

    Bristol Vase

    The rolled rim, tapered round Bristol Vase is a simple design that works with many architectural styles. …

    $24.00 - $2,411.00
  • Boticelli Fiberglass Planter

    Capital Garden Products

    Boticelli Fiberglass Planter

    The Boticelli, while fiberglass and lightweight, has a classic metal planter look.  Standard finish is an…