Capital Garden Products

Capital Garden Products

Capital Garden Products is a UK-based company.  Designs and finishes are applied in the UK. Products are manufactured in China.  Availability changes frequently, so it is best to phone or email if delivery time is of concern.  

  • Tapered Square fiberglass planters in many sizes and heights

    Capital Garden Products

    Geo Tapered Square Pot

    16The Geo Tapered Square fiberglass planters are offered in many different sizes ranging from a small 14" to a…

    $119.00 - $5,008.00
  • Geo Classic Tapered Square fiberglass planters 3 sizes

    Capital Garden Products

    Geo Classic Tapered Planter

    The Geo Classic plant pot is geometric in shape.   The lightweight square taper has a distinctive cl…

    $363.00 - $1,089.00
  • Fluted Urn fiberglass

    Capital Garden Products

    Fluted Urn

    The Fluted Urn is a lightweight fiberglass planter offered in 3 sizes 11", 16" and 23" diameters.Fiberglass Ad…

    $230.00 - $684.00
  • Round fiberglass planter with fern design - 3 sizes available

    Capital Garden Products

    Fern Planter Pot

    The Fern planter pot mimics terracotta but is actually crafted from fiberglass - ensuring long life.  Off…

    $206.00 - $442.00
  • Large, tall square fiberglass planters with leaf design in a beaten copper finish

    Capital Garden Products

    Fairhaven Tall Square Planters

    The Fairhaven planters are tall square fiberglass planters with textured botanical design.  Offered in fi…

    $341.00 - $1,180.00
  • Botanical fiberglass trough

    Capital Garden Products

    Botanical Planter & Trough

    Lightweight fiberglass planter with a botanical design.  12" square and 36" trough planters.   …

    $327.00 - $781.00
  • Elizabethan style trough planters of fiberglass

    Capital Garden Products

    Elizabethan Family of Planters

    The Elizabethan planter range includes troughs, as well as square planters varying in size from 12" squares to…

    $127.00 - $1,656.00
  • Lightweight fiberglass Cube Planters 15", 21", 28", 39"

    Capital Garden Products

    Geo Cube Planter

    Our fiberglass Cube Planter is offered in 15", 21", 24", 28" and 39" sizes.  Comes standard in the alumin…

    $211.00 - $2,606.00
  • Downing Street Square Fiberglass Planters, 16", 20", 24", 30" and 39"

    Capital Garden Products

    Downing Street Planter

    The Downing Street planter is a reproduction of a 17th Century plant pot design and has a strong linear patter…

    $393.00 - $3,189.00
  • Citrus themed round pot

    Capital Garden Products

    Citrus Themed Fiberglass Pots

    The Citrus family of planters look like terracotta but are actually crafted from fiberglass - ensuring long li…

    $184.00 - $823.00