There's just something about fall.  It announces its changes in more subtle ways than spring.  No bursting through the earth, no popping of buds, no boisterous chorus of songbirds.  No, the onset of fall signals a gentle slowdown, a time when nature prepares to rest--contemplative, almost bittersweet. And yet, there's an undercurrent of excitement, as preparations for survival must be made.  It's a time of renewal, but in a more profound, mysterious way.  Spring announces, "I'm here, I made it."  Fall wonders, "Where will I be?" Despite all that subtlety, fall is not muted in terms of color--the magical transformation of green into gleaming gold, searing red, and vibrant orange is a thrill to behold.  Capturing that excitement in your garden is one of the joys of the season.  After all, summer's pretty planting of pink petunias and white bacopa seems a little lackluster in the golden autumn light, no matter how well grown.  So why not get in step with the season, and freshen up those pots?  It's really pretty simple, and you don't have to empty them out and start over. And, you can include plants that you will enjoy until the buds start popping in spring.