Roses are certainly one of the most beloved garden plants. For many, their beauty and fragrance outweighs whatever difficulties their culture presents. Plus, they are versatile in the garden--depending on the variety they can be grown either as groundcovers, shrubs, or trained to a trellis or structure. Many gardeners now opt for "Knockout" roses--even though their fragrance is minimal and the colors limited. Don't get me wrong--I'm not "knocking" them. They're a great solution when a long-blooming shrub is needed and understandably popular. It's just that landscapers have overused them to the point that they're like Starbucks--one on every corner, just like yellow and blue pansies in the fall. My eyeballs ache for a little visual diversity. But roses have so much more to offer--you might want to take a look at some other choices, and consider the effect that a stunning rose grown on a fabulous trellis or arbor might have in your garden.