Over the last few years, customers have been getting more and more creative with the way they use flower pot rings.  We have learned from many retired customers moving from homes with large gardens to condos and apartments that Flower Pot Rings have allowed them to garden on their fences or walls thereby keeping their hands in the dirt and a fresh vegetable or herb on the table! 

  • Paint terracotta pots bright colors or shabby chic - whatever strikes your fancy
  • Use chalk paint and then mark your pots for herbs and flowers
  • Display orchids, bromeliads or succulents
  • Store nails, buttons, craft supplies in see-thru jars for easy access and view
  • Our 4" ring is perfect for holding bocce balls along a fence or post

Decorate for the holidays! 

  • Add fairy lights to jars and display
  • use as sturdy brackets for draping garlands
  • Display and decorate a Rosemary tree
  • Make a pumpkin head scarecrow
  • Use the ring as a halo and create a lighted angel

Flower Pot Rings



Choose from 4", 6", 8" and 10" rings.





How to make a Pumpkin head Scarecrow

First thing you will want to do is find the pumpkin you want to use as the head.  

The size of your pumpkin will determine the size of your Pot Ring and the size of the clothing you will use to dress your scarecrow.  The photo shows a 6" pot ring.

Tools & Supplies

Tools:  Screwdriver, Saw, Hammer


Pot Ring
Wooden Stake - we used a 2x2x8
PVC Pipe - we used a 2"x2'
Old Clothing
Safety Pins
2 wood screws



1.  Cut the desired length crosspiece for the arms, leaving the remainder of your stake for height.                                                                                   

2.  Attach the Pot Ring to the top of the longest stake placing the bar of the pot ring over the top of the wood so that the ring is as close to the stake as possible.

3.  Position the crosspiece to the longest stake where you want the arms to go, and screw with wood screws.


Now you have your armature

& the fun begins!


4.  Using the hammer and block of wood, drive the PVC pipe down into the ground as far as possible.  We painted our pipe black so it would fade into the background.

5.  Slide the longest stake into one pant leg and then place in the PVC pipe.  

6.  Attach the back of the pants to the wooden stake.  We used a staple gun, but a nail will work as well.

7.  Add the shirt to the armature and start stuffing pants and shirt to desired fullness.

8.  Add a face to your pumpkin either with markers, buttons, any various and sundry items you may have around the house to create an interesting looking scarecrow.

We added a hat as well.  See the complete photo below.


We had a lot of fun doing this project - and I am sure you will too.  Please feel free to leave your comments below or add your creative ideas to the mix!



Attach  pot rings to fence in 2 rows, 5 on the top and 9 on the bottom, centering the top row over the bottom row.  Paint one side of the pots orange, the other red.  Letter the orange sides of the pots with "Happy Halloween," and the red sides with "Merry Christmas." That way, one set of pots does double duty!


Pansies or violas (or a mix) are a good choice to plant in the pots for the cooler weather.  You could also try small ornamental kale.  Alternatively, you could cover the hole and fill with sand or soil and add artificial flowers and/or small decorative picks for Halloween--spiders, skulls, etc.

For Christmas, add cut greens, berries, and pine cones to each pot.  Adding battery-opereated LED candles is also a nice touch--tall pillars or tea lights will fit depending on how far you fill the pots up with sand.


  For a quick Halloween decoration, attach 3 6 inch rings in a row.  Letter "BOO," one letter to each pot, on orange-painted pots. Plant or fill as above.

The rest of the year, grow herbs or succulents in pots on the rings.