Anderson Teak

Anderson Teak

  • Del Amo Teak Rocking Chair

    Anderson Teak

    Del Amo Teak Rocking Armchair

    The Del Amo Rocking Arm Chair is made for those who love to rock.  Classic style features a tall concave …

  • 47" Round Teak Table

    Anderson Teak

    47" Tosca Round Teak Table

    The Tosca 47" Round teak table is a sturdy outdoor teak table standing 29" tall with comfortable seating for f…

  • Sahara Teak Bench front

    Anderson Teak

    Sahara Teak Bench

    The Sahara Teak Bench is a classic teak patio bench designed for comfort that will never go out of style and b…

    $1,650.00 - $1,950.00
  • Classic Teak Bench

    Anderson Teak

    Classic Teak Bench

    The Classic Teak Bench offers the classic traditional bench that will never go out of style.  The contour…

    $1,180.00 - $2,060.00
  • Chelsea Teak Bench

    Anderson Teak

    Chelsea Teak Bench

    The Chelsea Teak Bench is the perfect teak outdoor bench for the patio or yard that will never go out of style…

    $1,270.00 - $1,725.00
  • Set of 2 Folding Teak Chairs

    Anderson Teak

    Bristol Folding Chair - Set of 2

    Beautiful teak folding chairs - set of 2.  Convenient folding design allows for space-saving storage duri…