Topiary Artist

For very large topiary and projects for commercial areas, we recommend Michael Cline. Michael Cline is an amazing artist who has been creating custom topiary since 1987.  His works have been placed in large department stores, zoos, and botanical gardens, as well as used for public and private events.  A true craftsman, every piece Michael builds is unique, designed expressly to fulfill a customer’s vision while keeping structural integrity and installation requirements in mind.

Pieces are worked in high nickel steel rebar of various sizes, ensuring approximately 20 years of longevity. The size of the topiary determines the size of rebar used. Forms can be stuffed with sphagnum moss or moss and soil to allow for planting or built “frame only” to accept in-ground plantings. Michael’s expert knowledge and creativity will bring your vision to life as few others can.   Michael does not do mass production items.  Each piece is a work of art and crafted just for you.

Custom Topiary by Topiary Artist Michael Cline

 Please copy and paste the following questions into the comments section and make sure to answer each question:

1.  Complete billing address

2.  Complete shipping address for project 
     Residential or Commercial.  If commercial, indicate if there a liftgate or loading dock

3.  Desired size of topiary and description of what is being requested.  Send photo if possible.

4.  Do you wish to have a frame only or covered topiary?

5.  Will this be an indoor topiary or an outdoor topiary?

6.  What quantity is needed?

7.  Date required.

8.  And most importantly, what is your budget?  We cannot proceed without an idea of what your budget is.  Preparing these quotes is very time consuming for the artist and this will help to ensure a smooth process.


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