Resin / Polyethylene

  • Casters for Pinch Planters

    Crescent Garden

    Caster System for Pinch Planters

    The rotating, recessed caster base can be added to any Pinch pot for mobility and can also be used in conjunct…

    $94.95 - $149.00
  • Pandora square lightweight planter

    Crescent Garden

    Pandora Square Planter

    The Pandora planter from Crescent is a double-walled 19" cube planter. Lightweight - Facilitating easy instal…

  • Pinch TruDrop Self Watering large square planter from Crescent

    Crescent Garden

    Pinch TruDrop Self-Watering Planter

    The Pinch planter from Crescent is a perfect imperfect square planter part of the Crescent self-watering TruDr…

    $199.00 - $1,299.00
  • Leyla Urn

    Crescent Garden

    Leyla Urn

    The Lela Urn is a large, lightweight planter measuring 22" square x 28" tall.  Lightweight - Facilitating…

  • Pleat planter sizes range from 15" diameter to 27"

    Crescent Garden

    Pleat Planters

    The newly designed Pleat Planters from Crescent range in size from 15" to 27".  The name derives from the…

    $62.00 - $478.00
  • Trellis for Nest Planters by Crescent

    Crescent Garden

    Trellis for Nest Planters

    This trellis is an optional add-on for the Nest Raised Planters by Crescent allowing for vertical growing.&nbs…

    $69.00 - $89.00
  • Festonada Urn

    Crescent Garden

    Festonada Urn

    The Festonada Urn from Crescent is a large lightweight resin urn with a Mediterranean classic garland design.…

  • Large Orinoco Bowl in Old Bronze by Crescent Garden

    Crescent Garden

    Orinoco Bowl Planter

    The Orinoco Bowl planters from Crescent are attractive, deep, lightweight bowls made from resin.  The rib…

    $129.00 - $799.00
  • Origami Planters by Crescent Garden

    Crescent Garden

    Origami Planters

    The Origami planters from Crescent are truly unique and quite contemporary.  Offered in 23" and 26" sizes…

    $234.00 - $489.00
  • Montana Bowls by Crescent Garden

    Crescent Garden

    Montana Bowl

    The Montana Bowl is a large round shallow bowl planter that may be used for water gardening.  Comes witho…

    $99.00 - $184.00