Do you love gardening and design but lack the space to let your ideas take shape? Miniature gardening may be just the hobby for you!  It’s gardening on a small scale – a really small scale. Anything you can dream up, there are accessories available to bring your vision to life.

To start, you have to decide where you are going to place your mini garden: outside or inside? Tabletop or in-ground? This will determine the types of plants that you will use for your garden. Just keep in mind which USDA zone you live in and the amount of sun that your garden will get in your desired location. Your local garden center can help you decide on the correct plant specimens to use, but in general, you will need to choose plants that are either dwarf or miniature in size and whose growth rate is very slow, around one inch per year.  

Your next decision is what type of container to use.  Anything is possible, from the standard terracotta pot to old washtubs or a wooden tray. Make sure you have proper drainage; drainage holes and/or pea gravel can help with this. Use of the proper soil medium is important too since mini gardens can last for years. You may need to fertilize each year and add a layer of soil to freshen things up, but make this judgment based on the health of your plants. Watering is essential, but overwatering should be avoided.

As for design, do you envision a fairy wonderland or does your taste run towards realism on a really small scale? Miniature gardening allows you to bring your dreams to life. While it’s helpful if you lay out your design before you begin digging, sometimes the best designs are achieved through trial and error.  

The fun thing about miniature gardening is that you can make changes to your design based on the season.

For Fall, you can add autumnal touches such as this cute set of gourds. Group them near the steps of your miniature cottage just as you would at your own house.

For Halloween, don't forget the jack-0-lanterns. And if you're so inclined, you could go all out and set an eerie mood with cobwebs (faux of course) and special lighting.

For the Christmas holidays, add some cheer with our Joyful Life Miniature Garden kit including a mini snowman, mini packages, mini candy canes, mini snowflake stepping stones, and a mini JOY garland. Everything you need for a festive scene.

A great miniature garden gives the viewer pause for thought and provides a small sense of wonder. Start creating your own today!

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