Many people like the idea of attracting birds to their outdoor space for the ambiance of watching them; their activity can provide a calm and cathartic effect on the observer. To attract more birds, people often choose to add a birdhouse or other bird features to their gardens. However, much like the factors that go into the choosing of plants as part of an overall garden design, careful consideration needs to be given to  the addition of a birdhouse as well.

The birdhouse needs to have the proper dimensions. Various types of birds require different amounts of space. Check the inside area of the birdhouse, the entrance hole size and the height of the hole from the floor. With a little bit of research, you can find the proper dimensions for the types of birds you are hoping to attract.

Proper ventilation is needed to prevent overheating. The birdhouse should also have drainage holes or slats to prevent drowning of baby birds. In many cases, if the birdhouse does not have these but is otherwise fine, such holes or slats can easily be added with a drill or saw.

Easy Access
Birdhouses need regular cleaning and nests should be monitored. The birdhouse should have a hinged side or offer other easy access to for cleaning and monitoring.

Proper materials that will not pose a danger to the birds if ingested should be used in the construction of the birdhouse. Additionally, the birdhouse should be structurally stable. A good birdhouse has its joints glued before nailing and uses rust resistant nails, hinges and screws.

While the perfect birdhouse should have its corresponding perfect place in one’s yard, it is important to remember –– birds are very fussy about where they nest. Even with careful planning, it may take changing locations to attract nesting birds. Providing a safe and attractive home for nesting birds will eventually bring welcomed visitors.
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