In my book, it is pretty easy to choose a gardening gift; but maybe that’s because I am a gardener.  So to help those who are not gardeners sort through the myriad of gift choices, we thought it might be nice to put together a little gift guide for those who wish to purchase a meaningful gift for a friend or family member that is a gardener, yet know nothing at all about gardening.  So here goes….

First, perhaps think of your goal.  Are you working within a price range or are you just on the hunt for something unique or that will have special meaning to the recipient?

If working within a price range, choose a main category, like “garden décor & art” or “gardening supplies” and then scroll toward the bottom on the left-hand side to choose your price level.  This will help you keep within your budget.  See examples below.

Under $30

  • Gardening Gloves
  • Tools
  • Miniature gardening items
  • Decorative Gardening Stakes
  • Small statuary items

$30 to $60

  • Doorknockers
  • Birdhouses
  • Wall Signs with the gardener in mind
  • Topiaries
  • Statuary – concrete, aluminum and more
  • Watering cans – heavy-duty to whimsical

$60 to $100

  • Yoga Frogs – Tai Chi Frogs
  • Lots of different statuary pieces – birds, dogs, cherubs and more
  • Bird Feeders
  • Wind Spinners

But if unique is more what you are looking for – we have that too!


As you can see, we have got you covered when it comes to gardening gifts!  Having trouble finding what you need, give us a call – we are always glad to help.