You took your houseplants to the patio when the weather started warming up, giving them fresh air and sunlight, but now that the evenings have begun to cool down, you need to prepare to bring them back indoors. When the temperature begins to dip below sixty degrees, it’s time to start the process.

First, make sure that your plants are healthy. If they had a hard time on the patio, bringing them back into an environment of lower light and humidity will only make things worse. Now might be the time to cull your specimens. If they are in good shape, also consider whether a larger pot and fresh soil or growing medium would be beneficial. Also, since you’re bringing them indoors, consider purchasing new saucers to prevent any leaks or stains on your flooring. We carry both resin and concrete saucers to complement all planters.

Before bringing your pots indoors, you will want to inspect them for any insects or pests. If you find you’ve picked up some unwanted guests, consider using an organic pesticide to get rid of them. You can also spray your plant with an insecticidal soap before carrying it inside. Next, you should do a thorough job of cleaning the outside of the pots with bleach water (one part bleach to nine parts water). After washing, give them a thorough rinsing and let dry.

You may find placing your plants in the appropriate spot a bit more difficult. If your plants thrive in sun, choose a Southern Exposure. If they require less light, an East or West facing window will work. Sometimes plants have a hard time adjusting to the loss of significant light. If you can, try moving them into the house in stages – gradually reducing the amount of light until you get them where you want them. You could also try indoor houseplant lights to supplement them throughout the winter.

To take care of your plants, make changes to your watering and fertilizing schedule. Your plants will need less water indoors, out of the direct sunlight that they had on the patio. Most plants can tolerate being allowed to dry to the touch between watering. You can fertilize them according to the instructions. We like Algoflash, and have had great success with it.

With a little forethought and effort, you can enjoy your houseplants all year long, indoors and out, watching them grow and grow and grow!